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Fotona Laser

ClearSteps TM is a non-invasive procedure created by Fotona, that weakens and then kills the fungi because of producing a photo-thermal heating effect.
1 treatments - $300tx
4 treatments - $1000tx
NightLase is a non-invasive laser treatment, that keeps the breathing passage open by heating the tissues of the airway with the laser energy.
1 treatments - $350tx
3 treatments - $850tx
The non-surgical laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy. This simple, non-surgical, 15 minutes, in-office procedure
IntimaLase treatment – $1500tx
IncontiLase treatment – $2500tx (including 2 trts)
Experience non-surgical lifting and see immediate results with this painless facial treatment. No downtime alternative to surgery.
A perfect solution to restore collagen, and bring back the elasticity to your skin. This laser is used for different synergistic, non-invasive treatments that work on both exterior and interior sides of face. By working internally, it affects interior oral cavity, which helps to reduce wrinkles by voluminazing and tightening the skin.
1 treatment - $850tx
3 treatments - $2400tx
The ND: Yag Laser Treatment depends on the photo dermal or photomechanical annihilation of the target tissue. The procedure works by inducing coagulation of blood vessels that feed the wart, which worth to fall off.
1 treatment - $250tx
The QX Max breaks up the pigment particles into small pieces so they can be removed quickly by the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
The price varies accordingly to the size and the area of tattoo.
A contouring non-invasive procedure, that allows the fat to burn and also tightens the skin. A laser tenderly and securely warms the fat to the point of cell demise which are then prepared or disposed of from the body.
1 treatment - $650tx
4 treatments - $2,500tx
The vitality from the Nd:Yag laser is consumed by the blood in the vein, changed over into heat, and therefore the vein walls get destroyed.
1 treatment - $300tx
Frac3 is doing the pulling and consequently the tightening of the facial skin in between these lines of attachment (SMAS) areas. Piano which is coming after Frac3 is causing deep bulk heating and is contributing to the tightening effect, but also is starting the neocollagenesis process inside the entire facial skin. No downtime lunch break procedure.
1 treatment - $200tx
3 treatments - $550tx
Fotona Nd Yag system uses a high-power laser to penetrate the skin and target the bacteria that produces the inflammation associated with acne. This treatment also regenerate skin to diminish the appearance of acne scars.
1 treatment - $150tx
TwinLight Fractional Rejuvenation treatments consists of three steps using the Nd:YAG to rejuvenate the skin, and Er:YAG to form new, tighter skin. The three steps are conditioning, fractional therapy, and peeling.
1 treatment - $800tx
3 treatments: $2000tx
Fotona uses Er:YAG, a precise superficial laser peel that is able to remove some very thin layers of microns from the epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine lines, some tiny wrinkles, and pigmentation spots.
1 treatment - $350tx
SmoothEye procedure is used to target volume through collagen induction. A collagen induction process is a skin rejuvenation treatment, which is known to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and some scars.
1 treatment - $300tx
The pigment absorbs the energy until the follicle is destroyed, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. These laser treatment sessions are then repeated (on average) 6-8 times, at 4-8-week intervals, to target the attached hairs at each growth cycle until most of the hair follicles have been destroyed.
The price below is per one treatment.

  • Upper lip $75
  • Hands $75
  • Chin $75
  • Feet $75
  • Cheeks $100
  • Lower legs $275
  • Full Face $250
  • Neck $200
  • Underarms $200
  • Forearms $200
  • Chest $350
  • Abdomen $100
  • Back $350
  • Bikini $150-$400
  • Buttocks $250-$300
  • Thighs $250
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