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Ceragem bed provides a relaxing back massage to help you release stress of everyday life and enjoy a calm atmosphere
30 min $35(1 treatment)
$150 (10 treatments)
Enjoy this unique experience with your baby
60 min $70
Gentle relaxation massage begins softly and deepens gradually.
60min. $85
40min. 65$
30min. $45
Luring aromatherapy oils are used to enhance mood and memory alongside a gentle and hypnotic traditional massage.
60 min $90
Become balanced spiritually, mentally and physically with the help of far East ancient arts. Enhances the working of immune system and regulates your yin and yang.
50min. $110
Improve your health naturally by detoxifying your body with Chinese herbs, following ancient Chinese recipes.
1 treatment 20$
10 treatments 150$
This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the layer of superficial muscles
60min. $90
Classic and beautiful traditional massage
30min. $50
Experience together a luxurious massage designed to relax and unwind.
60min. $130
*The treatment includes a 50min. massage and a foot ritual.
This is a deeper massage focusing on the muscles,(it can be altered depending on the condition). Please ask to see a therapist prior to treatment if you are suffering from an injury).
50min. $100
Deep pressure massages targeting the elimination of toxins and waste products in the body. Not recommended for sensitive clients.
25min. $55
60min. $120
De-stress with a pressure points head massage to release tension of everyday life. It will stimulate the flow of Qi and awaken your senses. The perfect way to unwind.
25min. $50
Ancient Chinese energy and promote natural healing. A double appointment can be made on request for advances results.
25min. $50
Siatsu works with vital points and energy, aligning the meridians of the body, which helps ease daily stress. It is particularly good for joint pain, enabling the body’s Qi to flow smoothly, leaving you open to well-being.
60min 90$
Relax with a specific back, neck and shoulder massage using hot and cold stones.
25min 35$
65min 70$
40min 50$
Great for skin; reduces appearance of cellulite.
40min 65$
60min 95$
This exotic treatment combines the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals with Swedish massage, allowing nourishment of deeper skin layers.
30min 55$
Herbal Stems are traditional massage tools used in Thailand since ancient times. It is a treatment that incorporates elements of the Swedish relaxation massage, stretching techniques and Thai massage movements. Disposable stems are moistened and steamed before being gently rolled over the targeted areas.
20min 40$
45min 70$
Package of 5 of 45min 65$ each
*Stems 25$ for the pack of 2
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